Finding a Company to License Your Invention
Manufacturer, invention marketing company and licensing agent information

Success is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration and the other 99% is marketing.  — S. A. Coates, Carrville, Iowa

If you are an inventor seeking assistance finding invention licensing companies to license your invention or idea or searching for an invention manufacturer to license your invention or new product, Inventors Workshop International (IWI), a non-profit (501)c(3) invention assistance organization, provides services that may be able to help you out. 

IWI specializes in providing personal mentoring and one-on-one counseling.  Products of Inventors Workshop members have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CNBC, CNN, the Business Radio Network, in The Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, Entrepreneur, Inc., as well as numerous other television, radio and print media.

You can contact this organization at:

Inventors Workshop International
    Education Foundation (IWI)

PO Box 285
Santa Barbara, California 93102

Founded in 1971, the organization works not only with inventors seeking invention manufacturers for new inventions, but also with manufacturers looking for new inventions, manufacturers seeking products.  It provides services matching inventors with manufacturers.  It works with patent licensing companies, invention companies looking for new products and new products to license as well as companies seeking new product ideas. It helps inventors find invention licensing companies to license a new product or invention.

In addition to providing the full range of inventor services, IWI provides services to assist inventors in the marketing and licensing of inventions.  This include specialized information tailored to your invention and the markets you are targeting for your invention:
Finding Prospective Licensees for Your Invention

Identifying major players in your target industries and identifying the right people to see at a propsective licensing company are two of the most formidable challenges for inventors seeking to take their products to market. Customized Licensee Identification Research Reports (LIDRRs) provide inventors with extensive detailed information tailored to your invention.  Each report a) identifies potential companies that may be willing to license your invention, and b) provides a profile of companies, their products in the industry sectors you are targeting and contact information (including for key corporate decision-makers whenever available).  Reports provide inventors and entrepreneurs with information about prospective companies that you can select from to submit your invention licensing or new product licensing proposals for licensing a product.

Each report provides information about companies (manufacturers, distributors, invention marketing companies, invention licensing companies, new product licensing companies, licensing agent firms) in your target industry sectors with company name, address and phone numbers.  It identifies companies looking for inventions (where applicable) in your product category.  It also provides information (where applicable) about industry trade associations (e.g., manufacturing, retail, engineering, etc.) in your target sectors that may have member companies interested in licensing your invention.  In addition, subject to the availability of the information, reports also contain names of company executives to contact, buyers, licensing agents for inventions, website addresses, and email addresses.

Fee:  $2500 for non-members or $1500 if you are an IWI or EWI member.


Licensee Prospectus Reports
Compilation and writing, creation of a prospectus for presentation (in conjunction with appropriate visuals) to potential licensees for your new product technology, invention or service enterprise.

Fee:  $750 for non-members or $500 if you are an IWI member.
Strategic Marketing Research & Analysis Report
Provides you with the information you need to determine where and how to market and sell your invention.  Perfect for business plans, investment plans, new product licensing and new product launches.  Negotiable on a case-by-case basis.

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