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Invention statistics for inventors, inventrepreneurs, journalists and researchers

The purpose of this site is to provide basic invention data and statistical information about the fields of inventing and licensing inventions.  It is provided here for inventors, inventrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, journalists, attorneys, researchers and others wishing to have at their fingertips, basic information and reference links to pursue in making informed decisions about intellectual property interests, inquiries and enterprises.



It is organized taxonomically along the typical, how much, how many, how long, how often and compared to what, questions that often arise in the course of intellectual property inquiry.


If you have a passion for inventing and innovation and you're looking for advice from veteran inventors on the inventrepreneurial process or if you’ve just been trying to find free invention help online, may be of interest you.  The site identifies the most common mistakes made by inventors, the array of formidable obstacles faced by inventors and the innovative approaches inventors have taken to overcome obstacles.  It provides insights into what makes successful inventors successful and it features solid advice shared by experienced inventors.  It provides patent information, patent lawyer information online, insights into selecting a patent attorney as well as perspectives on the pros and cons of choosing to license or manufacture an invention.